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Doctor Who Audiogo news: Torchwood and classic Doctors getting new adventures

August 3rd, 2012 by Owen Quinn Comments

New releases for both the eleventh Doctor and Torchwood have been announced from Audiogo.

The Doctor will encounter the Empty House when he finds a crashed spaceship in 1920s England. Raquel Cassidy from the story the Rebel Flesh/The Almost People will be narrating.

A new audio recording of the novelisation of Tom Baker classic Horror of Fang Rock will also be released. This was Leela and the Doctor’s only on screen encounter with the Rutans, mortal enemies of the Sontarans though they have been in recent games and Big Finish productions. This will be a full cast audio adaption read by Louise Jameson herself who played Leela along with an interview about her time on the show plus bonus material.

Former companion Polly, played by Anneke Wills will read the Patrick Troughton story the Highlanders, missing from the archives having been wiped in the BBC purge. Although it still exists in telesnaps and audio soundtrack, it saw the introduction of Jamie McCrimmon who would stay with the show until the very end of Troughton’s era.

Torchwood- Exodus Code written by John Barrowman and his sister Carole. The world is going mad. literally. After a series of earth tremors. Torchwood is needed but there’s only Jack and Gwen who are separated by a continent. Gwen discovers something in Torchwood’s old software and must find Jack before she goes mad herself. No reader has been confirmed for this yet.

And finally the complete set of Serpent Quest, which brought the Fourth Doctor back to the world of Doctor Who, will be out in September. Alongside companions Mike Yates and Mrs Wibbsey this series is a must have and contains more than a few surprises.

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