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Doctor Who The Loch Ness Monster on it’s way, plus Big Finish news

August 3rd, 2012 by Owen Quinn Comments

Wow, it’s really about everyone’s favourite timelord at the minute, isn’t it? You’d think there was a new series coming or something…

Classic Doctor Who story Terror of the Zygons is finally on its way now that its special features have been passed by the British Board of Film Classification.
This will be a poignant release as Ian Marter, Elizabeth Sladen and Nicholas Courtney have all passed away, the latter two most recently. No release date has been announced but this is definitely one DVD you have to have on your shelf. The Zygons appeared in this story only but fans have clamoured for their return for years and rumour has it they are indeed on their way back for the fiftieth anniversary. Stay tuned.

Big Finish have had their licence to make new Doctor Who audio adventures renewed until December 2015.
They said they were delighted to be allowed to continue making new adventures for the Time Lord.

Big Finish have done fantastic work creating stories for past Doctors and companions including the popular Companion Chronicles and various spin-offs. They also have done plays for Stargate, Blake’s 7 and Sapphire and Steel to name but a few. Well done, guys, here’s to more exciting adventures that push the envelope. Check them out at

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