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Fireproof by Gerard Brennan

August 24th, 2012 by Jay Comments

Fireproof, by Gerard Brennan, published by Blasted Heath


Hell hath no fury for Mike Rocks. He’s fireproof; an anomaly caused by a slip-up in afterlife bureaucracy.

Lucifer bundles him off as an embarrassing problem with a mission to introduce Satanism to Northern Ireland.

And while he’s at it, Mike can exact revenge on the men who took his life.

FIREPROOF is equal parts crime fiction, dark urban fantasy and black comedy. For fans of Colin Bateman, Charlie Huston and Duane Swierczynski.

“scintillating, hilarious, surreal … a total blast” Ken Bruen, author of HEADSTONE


“I always claimed to love Belfast, and most of the time, I did. But relationships can be tumultuous and in the end I parted ways with the wee city. FIREPROOF is our illegitimate lovechild. The weird one dressed in black, experimenting with eyeliner and Ouija boards. While I had fun in the writing of this outlandish and irreverent take on religion, morality and revenge, there’s a jag or two in the humour. Expect violence, vengeance and offbeat philosophy. FIREPROOF is a snapshot of the end ofmy affair with Belfast. Now I’m settled down in a nice seaside town you wouldn’t be afraid to introduce to your mother, but I’ll always remember those wild Belfast nights with a wicked grin on my face.”


Gerard is a husband, father, writer, ex-kung fu instructor and karaoke hog.

Premature greyness has seriously messed with his goatee in the last few years and most people think he’s way older than he really is (he’s in his early thirties if you must know). It’s a hard-knock life, mate.

He used to be the last guy to leave the party/pub/park bench but now he’s a respectable family man with just a wee bit of an alcohol dependency.

His ancestors were highwaymen and (more recently) bank robbers but he doesn’t have the stomach to go with his criminal mind…

It’s much safer writing crime fiction.


For more information about Fireproof, purchase details, and Gerard’s other work available from Blasted Heath, please click here

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