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FTN reviews Doctor Who The Time Museum (Big Finish Audio)

August 4th, 2012 by Owen Quinn Comments

The ever increasing Companion Chronicle range expands as we go straight back ot the sixties with the very first male companion, Ian Chesterton.

As the series’ very first action hero, Ian holds a very dear place in the hearts of fans and now in his eighties William Russell shows no signs of slowing down. He virtually sounds the same which is rather spooky and this premise is a loose – and I mean very loose – sequel to the Space Museum. In that story the Tardis crew find themselves in a time line where they discover themselves encases as exhibits in a museum. The Tardis has jumped time lines and they must fight to prevent this future from ever taking place.

Here we have something similar as Ian recalls the time he finds a shrine dedicated to him. And for a change I’m not saying any more. I want you to figure this one out yourself.

I have to say Ian first stepped aboard the Tardis almost 50 years ago. Writer James Goss has written a surprisingly emotional story where memory cheats and the script is sprinkled with lovely little references to the first team’s adventures.
This had a double effect on me; firstly I wanted to actually get my DVDs and have a rewatch of those mentioned and secondly I was aching for Barbara and the First Doctor (the late Jacqueline Hill and William Hartnell) to come bursting out of the scenery and stand shoulder to shoulder with their old friend.

For me this is a story of ghosts, of lost friends and times past where, without a time machine, you can no longer tread which gives it a melancholy atmosphere. It leaves you aching for the voices of old friends and reminds you exactly where the legend we love now came from and whose shoulders made it all happen. Hello Ian, nice to speak to you again.

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