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FTN Reviews The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor

January 11th, 2012 by Marc Comments

The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor
By Robert Kirkman & Jay Bonansinga

THE Rise of the Governor is the first of three installments in a series of Walking Dead novels, and it follows a group of four survivors, including the infamous Walking Dead villain, Philip Blake, as he and his compatriots deal with what is the beginning of the Walking Dead’s zombie apocalypse.

Having read the graphic novel series (As far as it has gone so far) I’d say this book is an interesting read, though the editing issues, such as typos and grammatical errors that plight some novels (I’m thinking of the Black Library’s Horus Heresy novels) show that it is a rushed job, and if they had sent me a copy for free I would have fixed it right up for ’em. But alas I was only given a free copy by Lord Nerd as a Christmas present.

Without going into too much detail, those who have read the book already will know the Governor is a rather shady character. A man with very few morals, who will do whatever is necessary to keep himself and his daughter ‘alive’. He’s a tough nut, and this book shows why, but trust me, it’s not why you think. It’s not why I thought, and I had to re-read a portion of the book to get it and when I did, it put a smile on my face, like when you put two and two together before anyone else does and it connects the novel to the graphic novel very tightly.

There are sections of the book that run well with the graphic novel, the criss-crossing of different groups of survivors linking the stories well and the book is sectioned in three, like a number of the zombies dispatched by Philip Blake. Each section seems to deal with a different aspect of the guessed psychology of going through the end of the world in a shambling fashion, and it does it well.

The book begins with “The Hollow Men”, when the group of survivors are holed up in a gated community making the most of the bourgeois bargains left in the fridges of the already dead or fled inhabitants of the area. Then, when things go awry, much of a muchness in zombie holocausts, the group make their way to “Atlanta”(Part 2 of the book), and on to an abandoned farm house, and then to Woodbury, where we meet Philip Blake in the graphically graphic novels.

All in all, if you like the Walking Dead, buy the book, and read away. And if you’re thinking you’d rather read a novel than be classed a geek for buying comics… I mean graphic novels, go right ahead, but you’ll be looking for the full series soon enough after getting through the novel. It’s no World War Z, but it’s not as dry and the Zombie Survival Guide and it kept me entertained, and a little crazed to see what happens next. I also had a nightmare about being in a slowly sliding car while zombies attacked the windows. It was unnerving.

Oh, and did I mention there’s a mental twist that you won’t expect? I did didn’t I…

Bob Malcolm

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