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INTERVIEW: FTN interviews writer Drew Karpyshyn

December 28th, 2012 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Big Phil sits and talks to Star Wars Annilhilation writer Drew Karpyshyn about his most recent Old Republic novel Annihilation.

Drew started as a game designer for Wizards of the Coast, and he also has written two novels for Wizards of the Coast, he then joined BioWare in 2000, where he wrote the scenario and much of the dialogue for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and was one of the lead writers and planners on Jade Empire, as well as working on several games in the Baldur’s Gate series. His next major project was the Mass Effect series of games. His third book was Darth Bane: Path of Destruction in 2006. He retired from BioWare in February 2012, in order to focus more on his own projects. Star Wars fans are glad he did…

FTN: Hi Drew, we really appreciate you taking the time out to repond to these questions.

DK: No problem, happy to do it.

FTN: What was your inspiration to write a novel set thousands of years prior to the events most commonly known to fans of the original films?

DK: I’ve been working in the Old Republic setting for quite a while – this is my fifth Old Republic novel. I like the freedom the setting gives you; it’s still Star Wars, but you can tell stories and use characters that don’t have to be as closely connected to the events of the films. I really enjoyed this era when I worked on the original Knights of the Old Republic game for BioWare, so I just sort of stuck with it.

FTN: What were your influences when writing this Star Wars novel?

DK: My influences in general come from classic sci-fi, fantasy and horror – Stephen King, Asimov, Terry Brooks, Daivd Eddings, GRRM, Neil Gaiman. But Annihilation is also heavily influenced by James Bond, Mission: Impossible and similar spy thriller works.

FTN: The charater Darth Karrid shares a number of similar character traits as the popular Prince Xisor (from Shadows of the Empire). What attracts you to the Falleen species as you wrote this character brilliantly, and do you think we will see them on screen, either in a film or cartoon series?

DK: Back when I was still at BioWare, we were thinking of introducing more Falleen characters in various expansions for the SWTOR online game, so it seemed logical to have one featured in the novel. And I liked how her character’s sensuality worked into her symbiotic relationship with her ship. However, I should clarify that I don’t know what the current expansion plans for SWTOR are, since I’m no longer working at BioWare – I can’t promise more Falleen characters in the future.

FTN: With the popularity of The Clone Wars series and the Old Republic game and books, do you think that fans are requesting more stories on the origins of the Old Republic?

DK: I think the Old Republic setting is becoming quite popular, and I think you will see more attempts to explore it. But I don’t have any specific projects that I know about (or can talk about).

FTN: What are you crrently working on and so you have any plans or ideas for further Star Wars novels?

DK: For now I don’t have any other Star Wars projects planned; I’m currently working on an original fantasy trilogy. The first book is called Children of Fire, and it will be coming out in 2013. I’ll talk more about it on my website when we get an official release date (hopefully sometime early in the New Year).

FTN: Drew, thanks for talking Star Wars with us, it’s always one of our favourite things and we look forward to Children of Fire. Have a great Christmas…

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