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The Irish invade the Tardis at last!

July 16th, 2012 by Owen Quinn 1 Comment

Yes it’s true, maybe they read my previous article about the severe lack of Irish that have set foot on the Tardis (well none in fact) and here we are a brand new companion for the 8th Doctor as played by Paul McGann.

Molly O’Sullivan (above with McGann) will join the Doctor this November in a special audio boxset which will also be available as a download called Dark Eyes.
She will debut in the Great War and will meet the Daleks. Reports tell us this will be an action packed four adventure set when Molly is swept up by the Doctor from her position as a nursing assistant in the First World War. Given the events of To the Death which ended the 8th Doctor’s reign of regular adventures, we find him lost but Molly will be the one to bring him back from the edge. Only the Irish can save a Time Lord; said it all along.
The set will comprise of The Great War, Fugitives, The Tangled and X and the Daleks. Molly will be played by Primeval and Titanic star is Ruth Bradley.
Now we’re one step closer, how about the television adventures Stephen? Stephen, are you listening? Welcome aboard Molly!

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