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WATCH: Trailer for This Book is Full Of Spiders

September 18th, 2012 by Michael McCaffrey Comments

John Dies at the End was awesome, and so is the sequel. I think you should buy the first, and preorder the second, but don’t leave it just to me, watch the trailer.

Featuring David and one of the creepy, creepy Spiders from the title it definitely sets the book up well, with arguably one of the scariest opening lines ever.

This Book is Full of Spiders is a crazy tale involving zombies, Parasites, teleportation and survival. John and David have been trying to, and for the most part managing to, put the weirdness of the last book behind them, and get on with life, with the occasional massive mistake, of course. It’s just that all their other ones didn’t accidently kick start a zombie apocalypse…. The trailer only covers John’s first encounter with one of the “Spiders” and I don’t really want to stray too far past it or the blurb. It’ll ruin it for you, and we wouldn’t want that. Just watch the trailer, and then after switching on all the lights in your house and checking under the sofa, buy the books. I really liked them myself. Then again, maybe it’s just the parasite talking…

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