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Bendis On The Landscape Of All New X-Men

October 24th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Now I’m not a big Marvel reader mainly due to big explosions taking precedence over character development, AvX being a perfect example, but there has always been one group of heroes that have always been close to my heart since childhood. The X-Men. Everything about them reeks of coolness. From Cyclops’s constant self doubt of his leadership abilities to the rough and no nonsense Wolverine. I can honestly say that I’m one of the reasons Marvel fanboys get mad about Wolverine’s overexposure, but I don’t care, I won’t apologize for my Wolverine obsession. Now throw time travel into the mix and I find it hard to contain myself. One reason I love the X-Men so much is that they are constantly traveling to other dimensions and times. Age of Apocalypse to this day is one of my all time favorite stories. I consumed all four volumes of the paperback collection more than once.

So when MarvelNOW! announced the upcoming All New X-Men I became dizzy just thinking about all the great possibilities for great story telling, especially in this post AvX landscape. How would a young Cyclops deal with his older self going on a mad Dark Phoenix induced bender killing his father figure, Charles Xavier, in the process? How will Jean Grey feel when she found out she was dead and would that alter any if her past actions once she returns to her own timeline? Would Beast’s self loathing return at the sight of seeing himself without blue fur again? Might he convince his younger self not to experiment with a mutant cure that ultimately lead to his furry mutation? In an interview with Comic Book Resources Brian Michael Bendis opens up about these possibilities and much more.

Speaking on what characters to expect to show up Bendis told Comic Book Resources,”The core cast of our series will change over time because characters come and go and things shift around. Obviously, the original five will be part of this book. We’ll also have modern day Cyclops and the characters that originally sided with him, like Magneto. I had a breakthrough with Magneto that I’m so excited about, so he’ll be coming up very shortly,” Bendis teased.

He then went on to talk about how the two versions of Cyclops and the young Jean Grey would deal with this present day world,  “They’re at their rawest and most adolescent. Their eyes are wide open, and they’re very excited to be X-Men. They’ve been thrust into a world, though, where they discover what every one of their decisions meant and what the fall out was,” Bendis said “Cyclops has been brought to a world where he murdered Charles Xavier. How would he deal with that? And how does the modern day Scott deal with looking his younger self in the face? How do you tell the young version of yourself, ‘Here’s how it’s going to turn out?'” Bending continues,”Then, of course, the teenaged Jean Grey is a whole other thing. She gets to find out, ‘Guess what? You died! A couple of times!’ All of this will be dealt with very quickly, because we’re dealing with raw nerves,” Bendis continued. “These characters are at their most youthful and most exuberant, and they’re going to have to grow the f*** up very quickly, one way or another. That’s going to affect all of them differently. Each of them will walk away from this with a different agenda.”

One thing I love about time travel is the disruption of the time-space continuum. If a character travels to the future how can knowledge gained there effect how that character acts once they return to the past and vice versa. Stuff like that gets my nerd juices going. Bendis touches upon this stating, “The original X-Men coming to the present day will have consequences, and this goes back to something I mentioned in our ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ interview. It’s my feeling that every one of these space-time continuum abuse acts has a butterfly effect. Sometimes it happens directly to the abusers, and sometimes that effect happen across the galaxy. I may not feel like there’s some immediate fallout right here on Earth, but somewhere, something is happening. You know how ‘the butterfly flaps its wings and there’s a hurricane in Africa?’ The Marvel version of that is the original X-Men travel time and have an adventure. Then, across the galaxy, something happens. We’re going to discover what that is in both ‘All-New X-Men’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.'” One can only assume that Jean Grey may be at the center of some of these events.

I for one am super excited at seeing these prospects play out over the Marvel Universe and can’t wait to finally add a Marvel title to my pull list. For those of you looking to do the same the book is scheduled to hit the shelves of your local shop this November.

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