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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Amazing Spider-Man #699

December 7th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Written by Dan Slott

Pencils by Humberto Ramos

Trapped in Octavius’s body, which only has hours left before it gives out for good, Peter Parker must figure a way to get back into his own body before its too late.

Man oh man; this is one of hell of an issue! Who knew that such tension could be built when it focuses on an immobile body? Most of this tension is built as Peter only has hours left before the body he’s trapped in, Doc Ock, dies on him. The story that Dan Slott has crafted here is one hell of a nail biter. With time running out every single panel becomes that much more important and builds even more suspense. I really felt for Peter here, especially when he starts to imagine all the ills Octavius could be carrying out in Peter’s body. I haven’t read a whole lot of Spider-Man in the past, but this arc so far easily stands out as the best I have read. I didn’t want to spoil it in my last review, but it’s been a week so you should know by now, this body switch is a total work of genius! Way to take out Amazing with a bang!

So there’s Peter, stuck in Otto’s body, and what does he do? Activates the Ockbot that switched his body with Ock’s to send out a message to all his enemies to break him out of prison. What the hell?! It was great to see how Peter was struggling internally over this decision after seeing the carnage caused by his breakout. Peter’s life has always been full of internal struggle, but Peter knowing he was directly responsible this time held more gravity then any time before.

Big kudos also to Humberto Ramos, his pencils here were top notch. When you’re drawing a character who can’t speak or move then your job becomes all the more harder and Ramos came through with flying colors. Every little slight facial expression served to up the ante on Peter’s situation as I could still read the horror Peter is feeling through Octavius’ face. I know Slott is moving on to Superior Spider-Man and I hope that Ramos is going with him.

Overall Slott and Ramos deliver a brilliant and beautiful read. Anyone, fan of Spider-Man or not, needs to do themselves a favor and invest in this story. I’m gripping the edge of my seat here and can’t wait to see how this story pays off as we coast into the series finale of Amazing Spider-Man.

5 out of 5 nerds

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