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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Amazing Spider-Man #700

December 27th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Written by Dan Slott

Art by Humberto Ramos

With Doc Ock’s body failing on Peter Parker, Peter goes to desperate lengths to get his body back.

And with the end of Amazing Spider-Man, everything changes. What a ride this issue, as well as this whole arc, was. Slott has penned a game changer here, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. The end is probably one of the biggest shockers to hit comics in a long time. Everybody will be talking about this, trust me. I am almost bursting here wanting to go into detail, but I won’t for the sake of you readers that may not have picked it up yet. While this will catch everyone off guard, I just don’t know if I want a Spider-Man who isn’t who you think he is, on Earth 616 at least. My initial response is one of deep loss for one of my all time favorite characters, my secondary response is, how long will it take before this becomes undone? It seems that undoing this one would negate the whole premise of Superior Spider-Man, so it has to be permanent right? I will say this though, at first I didn’t see the point of Superior Spider-Man, but now it all makes sense.

The actual story here in #700 is quite fantastic. Almost every panel plays up the tension as Peter tries desperately to come up with a plan to get back into his body only to have Doc Ock out maneuver him at every turn. Most of these I would expect to keep the story interesting, towards the end though you realize Peter is cutting it super close, then all the tension quickly fades to feelings of acceptance and release. There are some great moments tucked in between these covers though, such as Jameson finally admitting that Spider-Man isn’t such a bad guy after all, you have no idea how many years I’ve waited for J.J. to actually come around. Mary Jane declaring her love for Peter was also a touching moment, I just wished that Peter had been present when she said that. Peter’s brush with death and interacting with all those around him that have died was well done, each and every one of those deaths helped shape him into the hero that he is, and it hit an emotional nerve with me when they helped him realize that despite the fact that he views them as his greatest failures, they pushed him towards his greatest triumphs.

Of course all of that pales in comparison to the finale panels with Peter showing Ock his memories, but being played out as if they were Ock’s instead of Peter’s. The moment of clarity for Ock was gripping, to see him finally understand Peter’s motivations was definitely surprising, but will stand as one of those great comic moments we all look back on years from now. Seeing a super villain, one who was your arch enemy no less, understand the hero’s motivations with the realization that are greater than those of the villain was simply priceless. That is something that I don’t think can be done ever again without an accusation of being a rip off of what Slott has done here.

Ramos delivers perfectly with the art, every tense moment in the script pairs beautifully with Ramos’ depictions. I have to give him extra kudos for bringing Peter’s expressions to life through the face of Doc Ock, you know that’s not Peter’s face, but at times I almost forgot that as his face shines through Ock’s face.

Overall this was one hell of a ride; Slott and Ramos have thrown us for one of the biggest loops in modern day comics. In an age where we think that we’ve seen it all, Amazing Spider-Man #700 delivered on a whole other level. The bar has now been raised and I cannot wait to sink my teeth into Superior Spider-Man next month.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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