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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Cable & X-Force #1

December 15th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Written by Dennis Hopeless

Art by Salvador Larroca

Cable hits rough times as he deals with the side effects of being cured of the techno organic virus, the Uncanny Avengers on his tail, and a daughter who misses her old man.

When this title was announced no one was more excited then I was. I’ve been a huge Cable fan, not through the comics, but ever since his introduction on X-Men The Animated Series. Since my family didn’t have a lot of money growing up I learned about all my favorite comic heroes through cartoons. When Cable made his screen debut I instantly clung onto him, a time traveler who turned out to be the son of Cyclops, yeah I was hooked. I know some blame Liefeld, and this character in particular, for the way comics were drawn in the 90’s, it was the complaints that people had about him that endeared him to me the most, namely huge guns and infinite pouches strewn about him. When Marvel announced NOW! would not only see the return of Cable, but also put him in charge of X-Force again, I thought “Thank you Marvel.”

In Cable & X-Force #1 Hopeless reintroduces Cable sans the techno organic virus that were such a drain on his powers which meant Cable never realized his full potential as possibly the most powerful mutant ever. Here though we see the backlash of that as his new found power seems to be too much for Cable to handle. Searching out help for his condition, Cable relies on Forge and Dr. Nemesis to help find clues as to what is causing him to have massive headaches. Hope makes a surprising appearance as she convinces Domino to help her find her father. Hope has proven to be one resourceful girl and the way she encounters Domino was handled was quite cleverly.

The issue starts with a bit of a flash forward showing Cable and his X-Force being confronted by Havok with the Uncanny Avengers in tow. Though I loved the way this played out, I wish they hadn’t done it that way because we see Cable here with his full X-Force squad, yet in the real time story we never actually see Colossus joining up with Cable. I know this will be left for an upcoming issue, but this felt like a bit of a tease. My other big complaint was along with the techno organic virus, gone too were the many pouches. I know, I know, but that was something I loved about his look.

The story flows nicely here, with an excellent pace, hitting every beat perfectly. Since it is a #1, we get more introductions and plot set up then actual action, but we all know that Cable is going to bring plenty of that, so I’m not too worried about it going forward. I also liked the way that Hopeless wrote Havok as the naïve do-gooder in a role that seemed more pre-AvX Cyclops then anything. Could Havok now become the ambassador of mutant kind? The reunion between Hope and Cable was also another bright spot of the issue. I loved how she started off mad at him, but all it took was a simple “I missed you too” from Cable to melt her heart.

Larroca delivers some nice art in this premier issue; every panel drawn helps to deliver the story, with nothing wasted and no filler panels just to fill out the page. A standout was the facial expressions, which were expertly done and really helped to sell the mood of the script, especially the scenes between Cable and Havok. Overall I really liked this book and where it’s headed. I was hoping for a little bit more, but I was in no way disappointed with what I got. Here’s to hoping that Cable & X-Force can develop into a strong book that keeps my favorite time hopping mutant relevant in the MarvelNOW! Universe.

3.5 out of 5 nerds

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