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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Cable & X-Force #2

December 21st, 2012 by Marc Comments

Written by Dennis Hopeless

Art by Salvador Larroca

Domino and Hope ride to the rescue. Cable undergoes brain surgery and Cable recruits Colossus.

Asked and answered, last week I was hoping to see Colossus’ recruitment into X-Force, and this week Hopeless delivered. Though the scene was brief, it was my favorite scene in the issue. Seeing Peter all broken down after the loss of his powers was quite the sight. I felt bad for the guy, even though he had just used the Phoenix Force to do some really ill stuff, I can’t say that I fault the guy for it, and it was pretty sad to see the state that he had fallen to. Luckily Cable was there to make him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Seeing Colossus and Cable duke it out at the top of the issue was also interesting. Just when Colossus was settling back into the role of super beastly butt kicker, Cable was there to bring him down a notch and remind him exactly who is in charge. “I’m sorry it shook out this way Pete. I am. But that punch would’ve killed me.” Classic.

Cable undergoes a brain surgery as Dr. Nemesis and Forge try to understand how the loss of the techno organic virus has affected Cable’s brain. Seeing Forge’s reaction to what they found in Cable’s head once the top of his skull was removed was shocking. I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t show what Forge saw, but seeing him cover his face with the rag was priceless, and definitely served the purpose of letting us know it wasn’t pretty.

As the vision that Cable had at the end of issue #1 comes to fruition, Domino and Hope answer the call for help. I enjoyed seeing the team up of Domino and Hope. Their interactions in issue #1 were quite fun, and that continued here. I’m glad that Hope has stuck around since her image doesn’t appear in any of the promotional information; I wasn’t expecting her to be a part of this book. What is really interesting about her partnering with Domino is seeing that juxtaposition between her youthful naivety and Domino’s length of experience playing both sides of the field at different points in her life. Hope just wants to be a hero, and someone like Domino, and Cable for that matter, understand that things aren’t always so black and white. Domino definitely operates in those shades of gray. I’m hoping that this is something Hope will pick up as the book progresses.

We also got a brief glimpse into who was behind the attack at the beach. We saw two shadowed figures, one with what appeared to be a metallic arm. This little tease was more than enough to keep me interested, though if it turns out to be Stryfe or Bishop, I’m going to be doing a lot of complaining. We’ve seen enough of all that already, it’s time to move onto to new characters and villains interacting with Cable. Of course I’m not looking for a new original bad guy, just someone different.

I am really enjoying Larroca’s art, he seems to be doing everything right to deliver solid art work to back up the story, seeing Colossus mutate back and forth between metal and flesh was pretty sweet, and he delivers great action scenes. My one complaint is that sometimes Cable doesn’t really look like Cable. I understand it’s a different artist handling him now, but at times Cable just looks a little off. You would think this would be a real damper on the series given that he’s the star of the book, but I am liking the story too much to let that deter me from enjoying the book.

Overall this is shaping up to be a nice book with a nicely paced story. My only grievance with the story is its direction. I am still wondering exactly where the story is taking us, but for now I am just going to sit back and enjoy the ride.

3.5 out of 5 nerds

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