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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Detective Comic #21

June 7th, 2013 by Sarah Barclay Comments

Written by John Layman

Art by Scot Eaton (Backup artist: Andy Clarke)

Published by DC Comics

While this story seems to be about an assassin with a past connection to Bruce coming to Gotham, the focus appeared to actually be about Harper Row in her quest to be useful to the Dark Knight. But at the same time, both of these parts of the story were equally balanced, so I could be off on what the actual main point was. However, in saying that, I think the balance worked well, giving both female characters a chance to be important, but coexist in the plot. Though, I will say that the whole business with Penumbra and how she came to be intrigued me. I hope we see more of her somewhere in the future.

As for Harper, I’m not a big fan of her to begin with, but I don’t hate her either. To me, she’s overall just kind of…there. She wasn’t as mysterious as Penumbra in Layman’s story, and is a pretty straightforward character, no matter who writes her. I think my hesitation with her is that she seems to be getting primed to be the next Robin, and as a ridiculous fan of Damian myself, I don’t think I’m real ready for that, as a reader. Regardless, I like how Layman wrote her character and her interactions with Bruce.

Scot Eaton’s art worked for me, though there were a few times I couldn’t tell Harper and Cullen apart for some reason. And the panel where Harper shines the light at Penumbra and suddenly all of her armor was gone confused me a little, but that could just be my misinterpretation, and nothing on Eaton’s part.

The backup Man-bat story, also by Layman, worked for me too, and I found it as enjoyable as the main feature. Andy Clarke’s art really drew me in, though. I loved the grittiness to it, and felt that it really fit the character and storyline to a tee.

4 out of 5.

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