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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Green Lantern #21

June 7th, 2013 by Marc Comments

Written by Robert Venditti

Pencils by Billy Tan

Inks by Richard Friend

Published by DC Comics

It’s a new era for my beloved Green Lantern as my all time favorite writer, Geoff Johns, steps down and Venditti comes in. Not only that but those original Guardians are gone and we find ourselves with a new batch of Guardians. I have to say, I was a little apprehensive about a new writer coming into a title that Johns has been handling for years now, but Venditti did a pretty good job here. The story by no means blows me away or anything, but it is pretty solid. My one quibble would be that we’re being tossed into the fray a bit quickly after all the craziness that was issue #20. Can’t Hal and company just get a breather? I think this issue would have been better served focusing on the aftermath of the First Lantern arc, especially after that mind blowing, head spinning finale, but instead the Green Lantern Corp have to focus on a new threat before they can even get a handle on all the damage on Oa.

That being said, the story is pretty solid and it finds Hal taking the mantle of leader and dare I say, Guardian? It was refreshing to have this new batch of Guardians be so humbled (unlike the last batch) that they basically told Hal in nutshell “Hey, we don’t know sh#@ about this new job, you do it for a while.” The new recruits were pretty funny too, so I enjoyed that as well. Imagine getting a bunch of new GL rookies and all they want to know is how they can return their rings. Though I wasn’t bowled over by the story here, I do see some potential so I really have to see where Venditti is taking us.

On the art side of things I found it to be just a bit lacking. Tans pencils don’t provide as much detail as Mahnke’s did and I missed that sorely. There were panels where Hal came off looking more like a plush doll than a fearless leader, but I am hoping that with some more GL experience Tan can right that ship. There were too many panels where we basically get outlines of characters, which is something I’m not used to in the pages of Green Lantern, as Mahnke could essentially do no wrong. The colors were also a bit blah at some points, coming off muted and dull. That is something that needs to be corrected right away. Friend does display some good coloring at points, but Green Lantern is one of the brightest colored books in the market, and for good reason. When your character’s main weapon is bright light and he battles and allies himself with members of other colored corps then that coloring is essential to the title.

Overall I think the story was solid, but not great and the art could use a little more work. Not a bad start for a new creative team, hopefully they work out the kinks before too long.

3 out of 5 nerds

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