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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Green Lantern: New Guardians #14

November 23rd, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Written by Tony Beddard

Art by Andrei Bressan & Amilcar Pinna

Kyle masters the Indigo Tribe power of teleportation and the yellow energy of fear. Carol finds out the Zamaronians are in league with Guardians and Arkillo stops sulking.

Kyle Rayner’s quest to master all the colors of the emotional spectrum continues as he tries to gain the power of the White Lantern in hopes of defeating the now nefarious Guardians. He starts in this issue by figuring out the teleportation power of the Indigo Tribe and then heads to Arkillo’s home planet of Vorn to master the yellow power of fear. On Vorn, Kyle finds an Arkillo who has lost confidence in his powers after receiving a defective yellow ring from the Weaponer. Kyle shakes Arkillo up with different constructs of Sinestro, which proceed to taunt Arkillo. As it turns out, that’s just what the doctor ordered as Arkillo’s anger at the Sinestro constructs bring back that anger that makes Arkillo such a bad mofo. Not so good for Kyle though, as Arkillo then turns his attention to Kyle for producing the constructs.

Feeling fear of Arkillo, Kyle is finally able to open up his ability to tap into the fear energy and becomes a Yellow Lantern, or Sinestro Corp, or Arkillo Corp, whatever it’s being called these days. Meanwhile Carol Ferris heads back to Zamaron and has a confrontation with the Zamaron queen, when it’s revealed that the Zamaronians are actually sided up with the Guardians in their quest to eliminate free will from the universe.

First of all, what the hell is up with that stupid yellow bullet helmet Kyle dons when he becomes a yellow lantern? Seriously, it looks really stupid; although a lot more preferable to the Spartan S&M get up he wore as a Red Lantern. Come on now, can he get one costume that looks cool at least? The story here moves really quickly, which normally is a good thing, but here it just feels rushed. After spending a whole book trying to tap into the red power of rage, he seems to master fear in about a page or so. I liked the idea of Arkillo losing confidence in his ring and seeing him sulk about the forest of Vorn while his people are congregated outside the forest worshiping him as a real bad ass. It also seems that Arkillo might have some real daddy issues too as he laments Sinestro’s abandonment of his corp. Kyle using that to his advantage was well played.

I’m really wondering where the Zamaron/Guardian team up is heading. We all know they both came from the same race of people, but the Zamarons left for a reason and I really don’t see what they stand to gain here by joning the Guardians except stabbed in the back. The art here does stand up a little better then last issue and works better in the confines of the story. Last issue there were too many Earth scenes which didn’t play well with the art of the New Guardians, I want those intergalactic adventures, and this time we got that, with some nic scenes in space, Vorn and Zamaron. While this book still isn’t as strong as I’d like it to be, this month was definitely an improvement over last month.

3 out 5 nerds

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