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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Green Lantern New Guardians #15

December 26th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Written by Tony Bedard

Art by Aaron Kuder

Kyle seeks out Larfleeze to train in the orange light of avarice. The Star Sapphires discover the true nature of the Third Army and Carol discovers Larfleeze’s true desire.

Oh my, now this is the book I was hoping for when reading the New Guardians. I recently filled out a survey on some of the comics I have read this year, and now I wished I had gotten around to reading this before I filled out the survey. This issue reached out to me and touched me deeply. With all the going-ons here, the moment of greatest impact was Carol using her Sapphire power to reach inside Larfleeze’s memories. Larfleeze is a creature of pure greed that stockpiles everything he could ever want, but Carol manages to find the one thing that eluded him since he became the Orange Lantern, his family. He had all but forgotten about them, but Carol manages to make him remember them and offers to help Larfleeze find them if he helps Kyle master avarice. In an interesting bit of developing his character, Larfleeze is humanized in this moment. The panel of his single tear was powerful stuff and the fact that Larfleeze isn’t his true name was also an interesting tidbit. I have always loved Larfleeze, mainly for his cool character design, but now he has endeared himself to me on an emotional level. I wish I had 10 hats so I could take 10 hats off to Bedard for his writing here as well as to Kuder, the art in these panels really shined.

The rest of the story is just as good, especially the flashbacks of Sayd and Ganthet’s relationship. The coldness Ganthet exhibits in the end was quite surprising and I am hoping that in time the final act of the book will have an impact on Ganthet that will serve to bring him around to the good guys again, I truly miss the warm hearted Ganthet. The Star Sapphires discovery of the nature of the Third Army was also interesting and I am curious to see what their discovery will lead to as they found themselves aligned with Guardians previously. They also managed to put Kyle in a decent costume finally after he gains the power of the Orange Light. My only complaint would be about the claws, why does he have claws?

The art delivers on all fronts in this issue and finally works for me. Before this issue the art had been severely lacking as much as the story had been, but this issue was a real turn around with both aspects. Overall this was a great issue and possibly one of my favorite single issues of the year. The movement of the Third Army story arc has been quite slow and Bedard really pushes it forward here with a huge nudge. I wish this book had been delivering this much before, but better late than never. All I can say is please keep delivering like this and New Guardians may turn into one of the best books on the shelf.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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