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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Talon #1

October 26th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Written by James Tynion IV
Art by Guillem March

Calvin Rose returns to Gotham to confirm the rumors that Batman has put an end to the Court of Owls. While investigating he has a run in with a Talon still on the loose. After being rescued by a man who has a bone to pick with the Court, they join forces to finish the job Batman started in Night of Owls.

I was hoping Calvin would return to Gotham, but Tynion and Snyder wasted no time getting him back there. The way #0 I was kind of hoping for a bit of the lonely traveller playing the reluctant hero like the old Hulk TV show, but I’m definitely not disappointed with the direction this book took. Instead what we get here is a straight up story of revenge. I do hope however that Calvin finds his way to becoming a hero down the line, the vengeance schtick could get old, but Gotham is chock full of heroes anyway. I did find it a bit odd that there were Talons stationed all over the world looking after the Court’s assets just so they could control Gotham City. Given the scope of their reach controlling Gotham seems a bit under ambitious.

The fight with the female Talon alerted to Calvin’s presence in Gotham was freaking sick. The tension wire around her neck was brilliant but I do wish they would’ve shown how she escaped that one since Calvin pretty much said it was escape proof. When she belted out how Calvin was a coward for stringing her up by the neck and jetting I loved his reply of “Yeah, I know. I suck. Sorry about that.” Calvin gets some great lines. The finale of the fight was my favorite part of the book. I’d hate to spoil it, but lets just say taser FTW!

About to pass out is when his future partner in the fight against the Owls, Sebastian Clark, shows up to finish the job. He’s got a major vendetta against the Court as well for killing his pops. His appearance reminded me a bit of Star Wars episode four with Obi-Wan showing up just in the nick of time to aid Luke Skywalker after he took a beating from the Tusken Raiders. The scene and panels had a very similar feel to them. Sebastian takes Calvin to his lair and exposes him to all the record keeping Sebastian has been keeping on the Court, including Calvin’s time in service to the Owls. They decide to buddy up and take the fight to the Court to finish them off for good. This includes suiting Calvin up in a new soured version of his Talon armor to serve up a bit of irony with their justice. I’m not quite sure what to make of Sebastian yet. He seems to have good intentions regarding his partnership with Calvin, but something about the guy makes it hard for me to trust him. He seems a bit too guarded.  We’ll just have to see how this relationship plays out over the course of the book. Here’s hoping that Tynion and Snyder can keep developing Calvin into a great character.

I very much liked the art and feel of this book as well. March’s work hits all the great action notes and facial features that help to sell the script and ultimately overall story. This isn’t the strongest of the DC New52 books to hit the shelves but I do see potential for great storytelling and character development here. I will definitely be keeping an eye on the future of this book.

3.5 out of 5 nerds
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