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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews The Goon #43

November 23rd, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

By Eric Powell

Colors by Bill Farmer & Eric Powell

Billy The Kid’s Old Timey Oddities come to town, and with him, the Ossified Baby of Nuremberg. When some young pranksters kidnap the Nuremberg Baby its up to the Goon to save the day.

Full disclosure, this is actually my first time reading The Goon, and I have to say, it definitely will not be my last. Knowing absolutely nothing about the Goon or the world he inhabits, I jumped right in, and what I found was humor, lots and lots of awesomely well-written humor. I found the jokes to be very similar to the writing and tone used in Shaolin Cowboy, a book I adored, and it works very well here. My two favorite moments were the Goon mistaking a costumed boy as an undead zombie, but only after giving him a good smashing and Franky making fun of Billy the Kid’s revolver while pulling out a way more useful Tommy gun.

The story here is pretty straight forward, which is always good for a newbie like me, so if you haven’t read The Goon before you won’t have to be concerned with not knowing the back-story. A mystic baby is kidnapped as a prank from a traveling oddities show. This baby needs to be fed a special diet or else, well, bad things can happen. When the baby misses his feeding bad things indeed begin to happen as the baby attacks the town. The Goon steps in and takes care of business, case closed. What made the story so great was how the comedy worked with the story rather than just being there for some cheap laughs. We also get treated to a very nice little back up story as well. I’m always one to enjoy a little extra content at the end of the books I get, making that dollar go a little further.

The artistic style of the book was very nice as well. The art has a pulpy feel to it, which meshes well with the environment of the book. The Ossified Baby of Nuremberg looked particularly gross, which is always a good thing if that’s what you’re going for. When he starts to mutate I couldn’t help but think this is what a baby would look if Jabba the Hutt had a kid with a human. Overall The Goon proved to be a good read and I am definitely glad that I decided to take a look at it. Though nothing blew me away here story wise, the humor alone made it worth the buy.

3.5 out of 5 nerds

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