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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Wolverine Max #1

October 28th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Written by Jason Starr

Art by Roland Boschi & Connor Wilumsen

Logan washes up on the shores of Tokyo, the lone survivor of a plane explosion. While suffering from amnesia he escapes from the hospital trying to figure out who he is.

Seriously, that was the whole book. Now I understand the first issue in a series is meant to introduce to new story arcs, but there really wasn’t much to this book. There’s an investigator who questions Logan in the hospital about the plane crash. There’s a hospital staff that are in awe of Logan’s quick recovery given the extent of his injuries from the wreck. There also seems to be a flashback or something involving a bald meditating Logan being interrupted by Victor, who I assume is Victor Creed. Then there’s a surge of police looking to apprehend Logan from the seedy hotel where he holes up after escaping the hospital. That’s about the extent of the book.

There really wasn’t even a plot here. It’s seemingly just a chain of events that look more like the average day in the life of Wolverine. The sad part is that most of this pretty boring. The flashback was super confusing as well. I can only guess it’s a flashback since the whole scene seemed out of place with the rest of the book and is never really explained. It took me a few rereads of these pages to even realize that the bald guy was Logan. It didn’t serve any purpose to the story I was reading either. I was pretty much at a loss reading those few pages. They also strangely interrupted the flow of what was going on with Logan dealing with at the present time. The scene would’ve at least been better served with a “10 years ago” or whatever it was caption.

I was kind of excited to check this book out. I had never read a Max title, and what better way to get into it with a super bad character like Wolverine. I always imagine him as being restrained in the 616 Marvel Universe. I expect a guy like this to curse like a sailor and completely rip people apart in gory detail. Instead what I got was a boring story that seemed to be going nowhere. Though there were plenty of F bombs to go around, so I was disappointed there. What I didn’t get was a book that sucked me into a great story that had me feverishly turning pages and salivating for next month’s issue. I don’t even feel bad about giving any spoilers here because there isn’t anything to spoil here. It’s just a series of events.

At least if the story is bad maybe the book can redeem it’s self with some killer art right? Sadly I didn’t get that either. In fact I got the opposite of that here. The art was horrible. If you’ve read any of the First X-Men run then you know what to expect. In fact some of the panels look as if some kid who is just discovering his love of comic art drew them. The art is lacking details in many places looking like bare bones outlines. I seriously could not find one redeeming quality in this book. I only chose to write up to either share the hate with my fellow comic readers or to help save some poor bloke’s $3.99. yes that’s right, Marvel had the nerve to slap this short book with a $3.99 price tag. My son received a comic with better art and a better story about super hero cows , for free, with his kids meal from a fast food joint. Shame on you Marvel. The good news is this will make it easier for the guy in our graphics department who inserts the nerds in our rating system.

0 out of 5 nerds

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