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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews X-Men #1

May 31st, 2013 by Christopher Williams Comments

Written by Brian Wood

Pencils by Oliver Copiel

Colors by Laura Martin

Published by Marvel Comics

One of the hardest things to do in any medium, whether it’s film or print, is to strike that perfect balance between action and story telling. Rely too much on story telling and you end up with some boring dribble. If you go too far the other way you end up with The Expendables. In this new X-book Brian Wood not only walks that tightrope, he proves that he has mastered it. X-Men #1 starts us on the story of sibling rivalry and before you know it there’s a train crash, an invader at the mansion and the most powerful X-women band together to kick some butt.

Wood’s gift for story telling shines brightly here as we get a story that fully engrossed this reader. Much like another Wood title, Star Wars, Wood shows his knack for not only nailing characters we are already familiar with, but giving them more dimension as well. Jubilee is a perfect example as we all know the fun loving teenager, but Wood, while still portraying the character perfectly, lets her grow a bit with the whole motherly side of her. (Even if she was being duped.) Not only is the story tight, we also get some slam banging action as well. The scene on the train offered all the excitement of a big budget flick.

The art in this debut issue is spot on and I enjoyed every panel of it. Every pose and expression is handled wonderfully, and going back to the train scene, Copiel’s pencils and Martin’s colors worked together beautifully through those pages to help deliver quite the thriller. Sometimes I can be pretty nit picky, but there was none of that here. The art plays nice with story to help deliver what will be a great X-book.

MarvelNOW! has seen a ton of new X-books hit the shelves and it starts to feel like a chore to keep up with them all, but this is definitely a book that is not to missed. If this first issue is any indication then it looks like we will be getting a fun and exciting series.

4 out 5 nerds

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