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COMIC REVIEWS: FTN reviews Green Lantern #14

November 9th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Written by Geoff Johns

Art by Doug Mahnke

The Justice League confronts Baz as they search for the missing Hal Jordan. The Guardians get more…Guardiany, as their Third Army invades Earth and the rest of the known universe and Black Hand finds himself trapped, along with the lost group of Guardians.

Baz is really starting to grow on me with this issue. At first I was little apprehensive to him, it’s not that I didn’t like him, it’s just that he’s not Hal Jordan. In this issue he is starting to come into his own as a ring bearer. He finds himself face to face with a Justice League, that while not threatening, don’t seem to be too happy with him given that Baz is an escaped terrorist suspect. Of course this is a fight that Baz doesn’t want so he tries to cooperate with the Justice League, but the ring has a mind of it’s own, and if I’m reading into this correctly, it’s Sinestro’s mind. I understand why the JL is a bit confrontational with Baz, but cut the guy some slack. The ring chose him, not the other way around, and if it did then it must be for good reason. Once things go awry for Baz he realizes its fight or flight, stating earlier that he could probably take Batman, but not any other JL member, let alone all of them combined.

This is where the book gets fun as Baz goes on the run conjuring up a hot sports car construct. Once he sees that won’t do the trick on it’s own he gets a bit creative. In a scene straight out Fast & Furious 2, Baz creates about twenty different look alike car constructs that all break out in different directions. This was a stroke of genius on Johns’ part and Mahnke’s art really delivers the good here. I do find it a bit odd that Baz could pull off such an elaborate set of constructs without ever reporting to Oa for training, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. From there he meets up with his sister whom he tells that he must search for whoever set him up as a terrorist out of concern that this person may harm others, this impressed his sister and gives us a small peak as to why the ring may have chose Baz to begin with.

The Guardians seem to be going madder and madder as they plan the complete obliteration of not only their Green Lantern Corp but also apparently all life, as we know it. Their plan is to replace all life with their Third Army mindless slaves. I really liked the evil turn the Guardians have taken, but as they continue to get more evil, I’m also secretly hoping that maybe they’ve been compromised in some way and are not responsible for their actions. The turn they’ve taken is just so drastic that it’s hard to comprehend at times. Here they also have a prisoner/captor heart to heart with the being only known as the First Lantern, whose energy they are using to power their Third Army. This dialogue here is a bit cliché, but I do get the feeling that if this dude gets loose, the Guardians could be in some serious trouble.

Black Hand finds himself locked away with the group of Maltusians that were responsible for guarding the First Lantern in his imprisonment. Not quite sure what to make of all that, and Hal and Sinestro find themselves lost in some kind of dead zone with a mysterious being that seems to have it in for Sinestro. These parts still confuse me; I just want some kind of explanation as to where Hal and Sinestro are. I know this will come in time, but they’ve been there for a few issues now and I’m starting to get impatient with the no explanations. These last few pages took a real down turn for me and I thought it was kind of crazy that I actually wanted to see more Baz. Maybe if I had a clue of what Sinestro and Hal are dealing with then I might care a little more. Things with Baz were moving at such great pace it seemed like the Black Hand and the Hal and Sinestro stuff slowed that pacing down too much for my taste. If it weren’t for that ending then this would’ve been another great issue, but in light of the ending I have to dock a point.

3 out of 5 nerds

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