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FTN reviews The First X-Men #1

August 4th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments


This book is taking us on a trip to the past. Before Charles Xavier built his now famous school in upstate New York, before mutants even went public, there were the first X-Men. Wolverine takes up the cause of saving mutants who are being tracked and captured for experimentation. He enlists his buddy Sabretooth for his mission. After breaking into a government facility they find files on the mutants being kept track of.

With Creed on board they rescue a female mutant in DC before tracking down a college aged Xavier so they can recruit him to a cause he would take up in oncoming years, but no luck getting him on board yet. This scene is almost a reverse of X-Men First Class, but with Xavier being a bit more polite than Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. Next it’s off to solicit a certain Nazi hunting master of magnetism.

This book does have a sort of X-Men First Class feel, but if two scoundrels were trying to spearhead mutant kind. Though it wasn’t an over the top exciting read, it did have its moments, hey, I’m the last guy to be upset by seeing Nazi’s get their comeuppance. Overall though, the story was fairly thin. It was all go from one location to another much in the manner that we’ve already seen portrayed more then once. The art is okay, but not great. Some of the facial expressions were over the top and reminded me of melting Nazis in Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Though I’m not overly compelled by this book, I’ll be giving issue #2 a chance in hoping the story fills out a bit more.

2.5 nerds out of 5.

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