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GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: FTN reviews Zombo: Can I Eat You, Please?

June 19th, 2013 by Amy Williams Comments

Zombo Can I Eat You Please?
Written by: Al Ewing
Artist: Henry Flint
ISBN: 1906735964
Publisher: 2000 ad.

Zombo recently returned to 2000 ad in prog 1825 Planet Zombo after being seemingly destroyed; he is a popular character who has appeared in 42 issues of 2000 ad. The collection reviewed here introduces the reader to the character of Zombo. This volume collects the two arcs  previously published in 2000AD as well as the Christmas special. The volume also includes one page never before published, a gallery of the original 2000 ad covers and a Q&A between the artist and writer.

Zombo, a top secret government experiment part Zombie part human, with a taste for flesh and stardom originally graced the pages of 2000 ad in progs 1632-1639. Written by Al Ewing a seasoned Judge Dredd writer and drawn by Henry Flint one of 2000 ad’s most popular artists, Zombo brings a breath of fresh air to the zombie genre.

We first meet Zombo when flight 303 crash lands on a sentient, lethal deathworld known as Chronos, where the flora and fauna really don’t like human company. Zombo, a half-human half-zombie prototype, was created in a government lab in the future, to be used as a weapon against another government creation that has run amok whilst attempting to control sentient planets that were killing their human colonists and bringing them back as zombies. Sounds complicated, eh?

It really isn’t, what follows is a very enjoyable, rather gory read with very vibrant artwork from Flint. The writing is smart, interesting and keep your eyes open for some very amusing celebrity satirising, particularly a very entertaining take on Mr Simon Cowell.

Zombo manages to do something very strange to the genre; here we have a funny, often quite dry-humoured, polite zombie who you find yourself rooting for no matter what bizarre situation he finds himself in. His almost childlike sensitivity makes him very endearing and more than just a killing machine. If anything, you should just read it to see Zombo’s Jockstrap – apparently inspired by Cameo on the top of pops in the mid 80’s.

Finally remember folks ‘Trust Your Government.’

4 out of 5 Nerds

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