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Legion To Anchor X-Men Legacy In Marvel NOW!

August 11th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Legion has had a hard go of it in the Marvel Universe, possessed by the Shadow King, being the catalyst for the Age of Apocalypse, trapping the Marvel U in the Age of X. All that is set to change as Legion Heads into Marvel Now! leading an X-team in X-Men Legacy.

MTV Geek talked with Si Spurrier, the new writer of the book who came off really excited yet terribly nervous as this is his first ongoing series. He’ll be joined by Tan Eng Huat on art.

Though he’s been mostly an anti-hero (stress on the anti) within the Marvel U, this book will look to set him on his road to redemption as he takes the lead in X-Men Legacy. A role that has been filled by Legion’s father, Professor Xavier, as well as Magneto and most recently Rogue.

“So, what’s his goal? There’s obviously a redemptive arc in there, to cover all the horrible collateral damage he’s caused during his messy life. More importantly, there’s the practical consideration of how he can function in the real world without accidentally tearing the universe a new sh!#hole. Again, I can’t say too much about that, but I think we’ve found a way to turn David’s personal torment into a dynamic, intense, relatable struggle”, Si noted.

It seems another theme of the book will be how Legion reconciles all the different personalities in his head with his alpha personality and all the different powers that come with each. Si went on to say that in the past Legion has mainly been used as a ,”walking plot point instead of a fleshed out character”. Si is looking to change that pointing out that Legion grew up on Muir Island so Si is giving him a Scottish accent and giving him a quick wit and humor to mask the fact that if anything, Legion is scared of himself.

When asked what fans can get excited for the rookie series writer stated,” Psychic insanity! Telepathic parasites! Golden Age characters! Multi-dimensional prison! Kirby krackles! Romance! Murder most foul! Parental Trauma! Classic villains! New villains! Sex! Drugs! Memetically altered rock music! Wraparound weirdness! Aliens! A bloody enormous crow! EVERYTHING EXPLODES!”

I don’t know about you but Si Spurrier has me excited to throw my money down on X-Men Legacy and Legion!

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