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Star Wars comics leaving Dark Horse stable

December 21st, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

From upcoming Dark Horse series Star Wars

Next year is shaping up to be a very sad year for Dark Horse Comics. Well, they have such a long list of strong titles that I’m sure the publisher will be okay. For the fans however, it may be a little different. That’s because website Geek O System has reported that according to blog Blue Sky Disney, all rights for the Star Wars line of comics will be reverting away from Dark Horse and to Marvel after all contracts expire between Dark Horse and Lucas Film, presumably at the close of 2013.

I have to say that personally, this is sad news, though Dark Horse does offer a lot of great comics, it’s the Star Wars line that made me a fan of the publisher. The Legacy series as well as more current series such as Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison have been not only some of the best of Dark Horse, but also some of the strongest comics around, by any publisher. I know that Marvel is more than capable of handling the property; Dark Horse has seemed to tap into the Star Wars Universe with excellence and has added majorly to the Star Wars canon, though some of this canon may be undone with the new movies anyhow.

Now here’s the real kick in the teeth, it’s being reported that once Marvel gets their hooks into Star Wars, we won’t see any new releases until 2015. That’s right, those like me who always read every Star Wars title that comes out will have to wait a few years to see how Marvel spins the Star Wars Universe. I wasn’t too stoked about that either. As I have full faith in Disney handling new Star Wars movies, I also have faith in the team at Marvel to handle new Star Wars books, so I have no concerns there, they were after all the original publisher of Star Wars comics. I’m just wondering why their creative teams aren’t in place, or being planned already so that they can hit the ground running once those rights to revert over Marvel?

Another major issue would be the creative teams in place at Dark Horse now. Surely they have the knowledge and depth to continue forward with their work, but will Marvel look to poach this talent, or will they go in a whole new direction for their own releases? Where will this leave John Ostrander? This guy is the king of Star Wars comics over at Dark Horse, if it has his name on it, chances are you and I are going to pick it up. Will Marvel look to bring him over if no one else? Also with Dark Horse planning a new volume of the awesomely incredible Legacy series focusing on a descendent of Han and Leia, will this look to now be a short series so the whole story can be told before the license expires? This last issue is one I will be watching closely as the Legacy series is one of my favorite comic series of all time.

Only time will tell how the change over will affect the Star Wars properties and lines of books, but damn Marvel, 2015?!

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