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A touching ghost story?

May 29th, 2012 by Val 1 Comment

We received this story recently from our friend Val, fellow nerd and FTN’s new paranormal reporter.

While we can’t verify the truth in the story (it is a ghost story after all) we can tell you that Val says she knows those involved, they are friends but that their names have been changed for obvious reasons.
FTN normally doesn’t post these sorts of stories until Sunday but having read it I wanted to share it with you all.It is in Val’s own words and we hope you find something in it to take away with you…
“Helen and Justin (both in their 40’s), had been seeing each other for about a year. One July day, Justin was at work and Helen at home doing some cleaning when she felt a ‘cold feeling’ at the back of her neck.
She made her way from the kitchen to the bottom of the stairs where she felt she was being drawn and saw something very unusual.
At the top of the stairs, stood a tall man in an old-fashioned suit. He stood, according to Helen, about 6ft 3, had slicked back black hair and glasses, and appeared to be holding a baby wrapped in a small blanket.
Helen wasn’t shocked, she’d always had ‘experiences’ with the other side and was more intrigued than frightened.
As she looked on, the man inclined his head towards the baby in his arms, then nodded at Helen and smiled, then repeated the motion, then gave Helen a thumbs up before walking out of view, and by the time Helen had rushed upstairs he’d disappeared.
When Justin came home that night Helen met him at the door and blurted out the story, not noticing that as she finished he had slumped into his chair. Justin seemed really upset, and got up to get something out of a cupboard. ‘Did he look like this?’ he asked Helen, as he showed her a black and white photo.
The photo was indeed of the man at the top of the stairs, and Helen asked who it was and why she had seen him. David sat her down and told her about his day.
Justin’s sister Nina (who Helen had only met once at a BBQ), was pregnant with her second child. That day Justin has received a call from Nina’s partner, telling him that his sister had been rushed to hospital that morning and that sadly, the child she was carrying had been born stillborn.
At this point, Justin smiled a little and looked directly at Helen before continuing. ‘But actually, I feel a little better. Because the man you saw is my father who passed away about 20 years ago – and what he’s trying to tell us is that Nina’s baby is OK…. because he’s got her, and he’s looking after her.”
So there you go. Do you believe this? Does it matter if you don’t? Personally, I thought it was very heart warming. Thank you again to our friend Val.

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Val is an actress, part-time administrator, wife & mother of one, and a self-confessed believer of the paranormal and extra-terrestrial life. She’s had extra senses since a young age and, like all good Jedi, sees things before they happen. Sometimes. Although some believe she has a gift, she does admit that it often scares her… and despite running from the gift all her days, she has now ended up as FTN’s ‘spooky Mulder’, fate, huh? Ever since setting up her UFO club in primary school, Val has been searching for the truth… and with the help of FTN readers and listeners, the truth may well be out there…