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An Unexpected Journey arrives on tabletop

December 3rd, 2012 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

As expected the Games Workshop have just released their new core gaming system based on JRR Tolkiens ‘The Hobbit’, just as they did with the Lord of the Rings.

The first wave of releases of the strategy battle game include a boxed set, a plush rule book, specific new Hobbit scenery and individual models to get you started in the new game. The box set is obviously the best value of money, including Gandalf, Bilbo, Thorin and all the dwarfs as well as the Goblin King and his subjects from Goblin Town.

Like the Mines of Moria set it replaces, it is a specific part of the Hobbit story that has been chosen as the Hobbits first release. The gaming system is likely to span all three of the films made by Peter Jackson, with all the imagery in the game tied into its big screen adaptation.

The miniatures do look very nice, excellent levels of details in the models from the box set considering they are all rendered in standard plastic. Games Workshop has really surpassed all previous box set releases with the quality of the models, especially all of the dwarves who are full of character and individuality. But this superb set does come with the biggest price tag of any of the GW core sets to date.

It follows the Lord of the Rings rule, sso it is not as if they developed a completely new game, but it does actually have some high quality scenery included for you to represent Goblin Town. This takes the edge off the initial first gasp at the price tag and on the second look the it does look ok value for money. The asking price for the new rulebook on the other hand is hefty.

I struggled to part with £45 for the new Warhammer 40,000 rulebook earlier in the year, but I was a little shocked when I saw £50.00 for the rules, especially as you get the infinitely more useful small format soft back in the box set. I am looking forward to giving this a try; I have played Lord of the Rings and enjoyed it. I can honestly say it didn’t inspire me enough to take it up full time beyond the Mines of Moria, as that in its self was good enough to be replayed, so I imagine that ‘an Unexpected Journey’ will do the same.

I hope the game is a success, it has got a few years ahead of it yet as it will literally track its new developments as the films are released, so we will be seeing a lot of the Hobbit over the foreseeable future. Has any of our followers picked up the new game or any of the launch items, if so let us know what you think.

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