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Battle of Britain remake on the cards

April 28th, 2012 by bash 1 Comment

As many of you wil know from listening to our live radio show, myself and Big Phil are huge fans of World War II movies.

In fact, I have said many times how much I’d love a modern take on a war film that centres on the many aerial battles that raged across the skies of Europe between 1939 and 1945.

With digital technology as advanced as it is, and with George Lucas recently leading the charge with Red Tails, a film like this could be amazing.

Well, all hail the maker as I think my dreams have been answered in the shape of Academy Award-winning producer Graham King.

King, who was speaking at the BritWeek/BAFTA Film & TV Summit 2012, said that a script was currently being written for a remake of the Battle of Britain.

He confirmed: “As a kid, I loved the original ’69 version with Michael Caine, and I still remember that great scene with two kids standing by the side of the Thames, looking up at the dogfights above them. To my knowledge, no one’s ever really done that – a war above a huge city.”

King stresses that he wants the resulting film to be, “an old-fashioned, all-star-cast, British director-type of movie. Once I get the first draft from Robert [Towne], I hope to attach a director and get started on that too”.

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