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Blair Witch supremo is back with new horror that will ‘freak you out’

May 28th, 2012 by bash Comments

The man behind genre-changing The Blair Witch Project has released his first big feature in nearly a decade.

Called Lovely Molly, Eduardo Sánchez’s new indie horror flick incorporates found footage into a nerve-jangling story of a place haunted by child torture and poverty, among other spooky things.

io9 had a look at the new movie and said that while there was “something frankly tedious about the storyline”, “it will definitely freak you out in places”.

Here is a snippet of the review followed by a link to io9:

“Most of the film is a frustrating muddle of scenes that are crisp, brilliant distillations of pure horror and scenes that are the sloppiest kind of random sexual exploitation I’ve seen in a while.

“In one intensely chilling sequence, we get a first-person videocamera view as she descends into an ancient cellar in the house, humming sweetly, eventually reaching a creepy goat/snake bas relief carved into the wall before we hear gibbering, slurping noises.”

For the full review please visit:

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