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Book claims Pope exorcised men

February 6th, 2012 by bash Comments

The Pope exorcised two men in the Vatican, it has been claimed.

Extracts from a book by Gabriele Amorth, a well-known exorcist for the diocese of Rome, were published in Panorama magazine last week.

Amorth said two of his helpers brought the men, known only as Giovanni and Marco, to the audience to see the Pope, where they began showing violent signs of being possessed.

“The two possessed men fell to the floor and banged their heads on the ground,” Amorth said. “The Swiss guards watched but did nothing, perhaps they have seen how the possessed react when faced by the Pope before?

“The Pope began to wave to the crowd and Giovanni and Marco started to howl, drool, shake and fly into a rage. The Pope did not get flustered, he raised an arm and blessed the four people.

“The possessed were then hit by a wild jolt, their whole bodies were hit. They flew three metres backwards… and howled no longer.”

The Vatican has denied such an exorcism took place.

(Thanks to the Edmonton Journal for the heads up)

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