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Chinese man reveals pictures of a dead ‘alien’

June 10th, 2013 by bash 1 Comment

A Chinese man has posted images online of an ‘alien’ he claims to have trapped after it crash landed in the Far East.

In one of the pictures, above, Mr Li is seen standing beside the entity in a freezer at his home after the crash-landing in March.

He claims to have witnessed a formation of UFOs buzzing across the night sky along the Yellow River in Binzhou Shangdong province just a few months back.

After one of the crafts plummeted to earth Mr Li, soon afterwards, discovered the charred remains of the visitor in a rabbit trap.

Police, however, have issued a statement saying the ‘alien’ at the bottom of a chest freezer was not another life form but a fake made of high quality rubber.

What do you guys think? Fake or real?

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