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COMIC REVIEW: The X-Files season 10 #1

June 19th, 2013 by bash Comments



X-Files season 10 #1

Story by Joe Harris and Chris Carter

Art by Michael walsh

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Robbie Robbins

Cover by carlos Valenzuela

Publisher IDW

“For years they investigated the paranormal, pursued the “monsters of the week”, and sought the truth behind extraterrestrial activity, along with the grand conspiracy surrounding it rooted deep within their own government. But when AGENTS MULDER and SCULLY reunite for a new, ongoing series that ushers THE X-FILES into a new era of technological paranoia, multinational concerns and otherworldly threats, it’ll take more than a desire “to believe” to make it out alive.”

It’s wonderfully convenient that I’ve just finished all nine seasons of The X-Files TV show, a genre defining series from the mind of Chris Carter.

The show itself has seeped into the public consciousness so deeply that there’s no reason for me to go over its history. But what I can say is that the creative team behind this new comic series, including Carter as executive producer, retain all the elements of what made it so great in the first place.

We begin immediately, it seems, after season 9 of the series ends. Mulder and Scully are together as a couple having left the FBI. The latter as a doctor while the former is writing his memoirs at home. Unbeknownst to them someone, or something, has been trying to hack into secure files FBI files, specifically X-Files cases – but for what we don’t know yet.

For me, one of the great things about #1 of season 10 is how familiar the writers lay out the story. The date/time/location of a particular scene/panel all taken directly from the TV show, Scully speaks like she should while Mulder has that fun feel about him, obviously masking the losses that he has endured over the years.

The arrival of an old friend from the FBI adds further familiar elements to the story and in fact becomes a central part of the investigation as our two former government agents get pulled into a supernatural investigation. I also like how they talk about incidents from some of the last season of the TV show and in one particular case something that needs to be touched upon in a big way if we get a third big screen movie. Sometimes projects like this can conveniently forget what has gone on before but thankfully this isn’t the case here.

While the story and characters feel very much part of the X-Files world, I can’t say the same for the artwork. I suppose I prefer a much more detailed graphic environment but for me this new issue creates a kind of distance from the characters. They just look kinda off. In fact, our FBI friend has aged by about 10 years if the artwork is anything to go by.

However, I tried not to let that detract from the overall story – one which is mysterious and supernatural and feels suitably at home in the X-Files world. I’m truely intrigued at how the season will unfold.


4 out of 5 nerds

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