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Count Vertigo set for Arrow?

November 6th, 2012 by bash 2 Comments

TVLine is reporting that DC villain Count Vertigo will appear in The CW’s new series Arrow.

The appearance won’t be an exact adaptation of the character with the name ‘Vertigo’ belonging to a new drug that makes its debut in the same episode as the character inspired by Count Vertigo.

Originally, Count Vertigo appeared in World’s Finest in 1978 and quickly became an adversary of Green Arrow and Black Canary. The character later joined the Suicide Squad for a long period of time. He also appeared in Batman: The Animated Series.

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Hi all. I'm Bash and love anything and everything to do with Star Wars. Although I've watched hundreds of movies, read dozens of books and played numerous computer games from other genres and franchises since, nothing has come close to seeing George Lucas' epic for the very first time. I hope you all like the site and come back often.

2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Arrow has really impressed me;
    almost more so than Smallville did when it started. Vertigo will be pretty cool,
    and the episodes seem to be getting more and more action-filled. I’ll probably
    save the entirety of the season to my DISH Hopper for all those nights that I’m
    feeling nostalgic. It’s nice to have a DVR with plenty of memory to allow me
    the option to. Now I just need to convince a couple of buddies that work with
    me at DISH to give the show a chance, even though Hartley didn’t land the Queen

    • Ben Anonymous says:

      We have to admit Wade that, at the minute, it feels more like a guilty pleasure but it certainly shows promise. We love the way it can draw from the back catalogue of characters right out of the stable whereas it took Smallville years to do that properly…

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