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Dambusters remake held up by script issues

May 19th, 2013 by bash Comments


While we’re a little behind on this story it’s appropriate that we report on the progress of the Dambusters remake, which occurred 70 years ago this week.

Peter Jackson is behind the project which aims to re-tell the story of the RAF’s plan to destroy dams in Germany, vital to the manufacturing effort of the Nazi war machine.

At 9.28pm on 16 May 1943, the first of 19 Lancaster heavy bombers lifted off the runway in southern England into a clear, still early summer night.

It was a raid sent to destroy a series of mighty dams, wreaking havoc with the Ruhr’s vital water supplies. Known as Operation Chastise to its planners, it is remembered simply as the Dambusters raid.

A good few months back the New Zealand Herald film critic Dominic Corry met Christian Rivers at the premiere of The Hobbit and asked him what was the situation with the remake of everyone’s favourite 1955 war film.

Rivers, who won a special effects Oscar for his work on King Kong, had previously been announced as the director for the project which Jackson would produce.

According to the Weta man, they are still planning to make the film but that it’s on hold at the moment due to script issues.

So there you have it. The film is still expected to go ahead with a script by Stephen Fry. The only other issue begging a question is this… will the dog’s name be Digger. Thoughts?

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