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Dave Filoni: ‘Clone Wars will tackle Order 66, who is Sidious and why Darth Maul is not dead.’

January 23rd, 2012 by Marc 1 Comment


Darth Maul: Gone but certainly not forgotten


Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni chatted with The ForceCast’s Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac last week and gave them some exclusive insights into the series and what to expect and it’s all great…

On Order 66:
The Order given by Palpatine to the clone troopers that sees the Jedi order all but ended in one blow is one of the most discussed things in Star Wars by the fans, but Filoni assures us there’s more to come: “Order 66 and how it works, why it works, how it all goes down…I don’t wanna say too much about that, except that before we’re finished with this show, you will understand it a lot better than you do after Revenge of the Sith, because we have the time to get into things like that. … It has been thoroughly figured out. It’s something we’ve discussed with George.”

On Darth Sidious:
The dark lord od the Sith who will become Emperor is still hidden in shadow, despite appearing in all the movies but are we to learn more about who he really is? “You’ll see a little bit more of Sidious, ’cause we start to deal with bigger issues, we start to answer a lot of the kind of bigger questions, and he’s kind of forced to take a more active role. Things don’t go as smoothly as some people are led to believe for him. It’s not like he just wants these things to happen and he calls Order 66 and it works out perfectly for him. He has to actually maneuver and play the chess game to stay ahead of the Jedi.” Although this will be next season, Filoni added: “I am going to do my best at Celebration VI to have some ridiculous footage to show,” he added.

On the return of Darth Maul:
Perhaps one of the most underused characters in the history of the sage, Maul has a massive following. But his return is both dreaded and looked forward to in equal measure, Filoni had this to say: “I can specifically remember being in the theater during The Phantom Menace and watching Darth Maul … split apart and I literally thought, ‘Ha ha ha, that’s so no one can bring him back to life.’ Because Boba Fett could come out of that sarlacc pit a hundred different times and a hundred different ways, and I bet you George never intended that to happen.” He also added that the Sith concept of life and death will tie into Maul’s return… 

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