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Dave Filoni says Rebels will be different from Clone Wars

June 24th, 2013 by Edwin Torres Jr 2 Comments

Recently Rebel Force Radio got a chance to sit down with Dave Filoni, the former Supervising Director of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and is now Executive Producer of the upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels alongside Greg Weisman & Simon Kinberg. They talk a bit about the upcoming Clone Wars bonus content and Filoni all but confirms that those lucky fans in attendance at Star Wars Celebration Europe II, including FTN’s own Marc and Bash, will indeed get a sneak peek at Rebels. The best part of the interview for me was when Filoni gives hints at what the series will look like:

“It’s not gonna be like Clone Wars, it’s gonna be different…. In some of the very early development for Clone Wars, one of the things I really wanted to try and do was capture the look of Ralph Mcquarrie…. Clone Wars kinda developed its own style and George wanted a very unique look to the faces of the characters and the angularity… Here[in Rebels] we can just kind of apply what we learned on Clone Wars and what was successful and what wasn’t and I can really attack what I really wanted to before, which was really getting to that look that Ralph achieved much more directly in a much more defined way than we ever did on Clone Wars” Later he added, “This time we’re going more with an animated style.”

I’ve included a Storm Trooper concept art piece by Mcquarrie below. This might be what they’re going for. I for one hope it looks like Clone Wars but the next step. I would like it to be instantly recognizable as its own thing, but also part of something greater. If anyone can do it it’s Dave Filoni.

We highly recommend listening to the entire interview(& show) which begins around 1:06:30. Rebels talk starts just around 1:43:00.


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