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David Arnold on being replaced as Bond scorer

January 12th, 2012 by Paddy Comments


Thomas Newman has officially been installed as the composer for the new Bond film Skyfall but his predecessor David Arnold is,to paraphrase the great Ron Burgundy, staying classy about it.

“I’ve known since June….Sam [Mendes] and I talked about it and I said I am very much of the opinion that a director should have who they want and fully expected Tom to be doing the film,” said Arnold.
“Couldn’t tweet about it as contracts weren’t finalised until recently…but it’s all very good. I’m looking forward to watching Skyfall as a fan. First time in 14 years! Still working with Eon on 50th anniversary stuff..exciting.
“I always said I would do them as long as they ask. If they ask for next one I will do it.”

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