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Del Toro planning Hellboy 3? Here’s hoping…

July 17th, 2012 by Big Phil Comments

Guillermo Del Toro and Hellboy is just… right. So are we excited that he might return for a third chapter? You bet we are!

Seníor Toro it seems has renewed his interest in the Hellboy franchise. This has largely been due to Ron Pearlman’s recent full makeup and costume appearence as Hellboy for his Make a Wish Foundation visit to a young boy, which has proved to Guillermo just how popular the Hellboy character is, especially among the younger fans.
“I can say publicly that now we are together in trying [to do Hellboy 3],” said Del Toro to Entertainment Weekly.
“We’re going to make an effort to do it. I hope it happens.”
Ron Pearlman has also stated his keeness for this project: “The [first] two movies were really set up to have this unbelievable resolve,” Perlman said.
“Everything that was done in both movies was leading up to this destiny, written in stone, of what Hellboy has been summoned to Earth to do.”
So there we have it, we know Ron Pearlman wants it and now Guillermo Del Toro wants to aswell, lets hope they get the backing of the studio to give us fans what we want back on the big screen, Big Red!

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