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Dinosaurs attack LA! Well, if Warner Bros have anything to do with it…

May 2nd, 2012 by Big Phil Comments

Oh my God! Warner Brothers are doing a movie about… wait for it… a race of quickly evolving Dinosaurs who attack Los Angeles (oh poor LA, why don’t you ever get a break?)

Now, while the premise is hardly high-concept we are spurred on by the inclusion of one of Jim Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment guys. According to indiewire, John Clisham, a senior member of James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment and recent “Titanic 3D” employee, that developed the pitch and brought it to the studio. Clisham plans to direct a script written by him and co-writer/producer Mike Bayman.

Now the ten-year-old in us loves this concept but the grown men know that, no matter how well this is done, the chances are it’ll turn out horrible – if Steven Spielberg couldn’t do it well in Jurassic Park II then what hope is there for lesser talents? Whatever happens, we’ll watch it with great interest and would love for it to be great but… well, we’ll see…

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