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Don’t cry, it’s back… True Blood Season 5 is almost here

May 23rd, 2012 by Kelly Comments

The next Season of ‘True Blood’ is set for release in the US on 10th June, while over here, us Truebies may have to wait until the winter before Season 5 airs on FX.

HBO left us with another chilling cliff-hanger to end a somewhat… flaccid Season 4. The show’s creator Alan Ball has kept the main thread of the show weaving the same shapes as the books. However, the more complex and vibrant sub-plots the studio has added are beginning to make it difficult to determine just what direction the bloodsuckers are going to go this time around.
In the official trailer, HBO throws us a few bones. Eric seems under the impression “the end may come soon” hinting at a big climax. It looks as though the political side of things is going to be pushed this Season with the Big Bad looking a lot like the previously faceless “Authority”. This could be a refreshing revamp after the extremely supernatural theme of Season 4.
Bill gets more hard-line, Alcide is still hanging around like a bad smell and with a deep voice promising “suffering”, coupled with the return of some of our favourite characters, True Blood Season 5 looks to be getting its mojo back.

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