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E3 Recap: Day One

June 17th, 2013 by Crowbar Comments

Day one of E3 was a busy for me. I had to wake up early to attend the Nintendo. Pastry ware Showcase because they were not holding a press conference this year. In addition to the Nintendo. direct stream they did they held a press exclusive event that allowed people to play games like the new Donkey Kong and Pikmin before the doors to E3 opened. Before anyone could play the games there were small presentations from the developers of the games being showcased that morning. After the announcements were made the developers wood by their games and took questions from the press.

I took part in playing three games, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Pikmin 3, and Super Mario 3D World. The lines did. It allow me to sample everything sadly enough. While the press events were cool to attend, I very much enjoyed this more intimate setting Nintendo put on for the press. I played Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze first. The setting is on the island that Donkey kong and friends live on and is invaded by Vikings from the north. They begin freezing the island forcing Donkey Kong and his friends to leave the island. The game plays a lot like the previous DK Wii game with some added visual details provided with the Wii Us HD functionality. The game flows really well and the controls are tight and responsive. It has a classic gaming feeling by teaching a player the mechanics of the game as you play and the pacing is great. In this demo. I saw nothing wrong and that Nintendo learned from some of the problems with the Wii DK game.

Last year at E3 I loved watching and playing Pikmin 3, but they didn’t show me enough content to make me want a Wii U for it. Well I can safely say that I want a Wii U so I can play the Pikmin game I have been waiting for. I have always been a fan of the franchise and ever since the ending if the second game I have wanted another installment. With the Wii U gamepad Nintendo has allowed Pikmin to become much more strategic and implement a real time strategy micro management system with your Pikmin to maximize the efforts you can complete in each passing day. Many elements behave been added to Pikmin 3 that improve the game, like being able to quickly replay past days and having the option to play up to 100 days. Hell, there is even multiplayer.

It would not be a Nintendo console without a bunch of Mario games. Nintendo is bringing two Mario platformers to the Wii U soon and one of them is Super Mario 3D World. You may know the 3D counterpart Mario 3D Land but this game is a lot bigger and surprisingly different. You get a new suit that resembles a cat along with multiplayer. In many ways it felt Ike playing Super Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy all in one.

At the end of the event Nintendo gathered everyone around the small at age where the guest speakers talked south their games at the start of. He showcase. They played the trailer for the new Super Smash Bros that was revealed during the Nintendo Direct stream. However, after Mega Man and The Villager were revealed, a new hall enter approached, the Wii Fit Trainer. Yes you read that right. In addition to the Blue Bomber and The Animal Crossing Villager the roster is getting a rather hilarious addition. The reveal was funny and unexpected.

In summation regarding the Nintendo Software Showcase, it was a nice thing to attend with plenty to do and was more personal than a large scale press conference. Besides, no rape jokes were made, which is always a plus. I had little time to recover or record my interactions as the doors to the West Hall of the convention center were opened and I had an appointment with Namco Bandai about a sequel to a game that prides itself on making you die over and over again.

The game was Dark Souls 2 and while I find a sequel to the original t be u necessary, I was impressed with what I played. It played a lot like the original game, but it felt so much smoother. The controls didn’t feel so clunky and unorganized. The combat was also smoother and more fluid. The best part. Is the difficulty didn’t feel broken with the enhanced controls. Dark Souls 2 shows promise.

After my pow-wow with Dark Souls I headed t the Bethesda both for my next appointment consisting of presentations for Evil Within, Wolfenstein The New Order, and Elder Scrolls Online. I was more curious about the new Wolfenstein than I was about Evil Within and ESO. The previous attempt to bring Wolfenstein into the 3D worlds didn’t go over so well. So I wanted to dismiss this game as another classic fps cash in. From what I played and saw, I have never been so wrong. First off, no regenerating health. I would like to take a moment of silence to acknowledge how great that is in this day age of CoD – centric fps trends. Finally a game that doesn’t feel like it plays on its own and treats gamers like adults and not ignorant Children who need their hands held. I am about to low your minds again by telling you this game also allows you to array more than two weapons at once. More classic fps gameplay and it is looking so good. The game is difficult and littered with destructive cover. This means chest high walls will deteriorate the more punishment they take. Just holy crap guys, this game is looking very nice.

The Evil Within is a new survival horror game from the mind of Shinji Mikami, yes the director of Resident Evil 4 the last great Resident Evil game. The demo I saw wasn’t necessarily scary, but it was still tense. The creature design was ather interesting, sort of Cabin in the Woods esque, which is not really a bad thing. The combat was almost nonexistent. While some combat was there it felt more improvised rather than skilled preparation. It worked, and this is a game that you should look into if you like old school Resident Evil.

Finally, I get to play some Elder Scrolls Online. Something that really bummed me out last year was it being ale to play ESO. I have then a taste and I like the direction the game is going, but I hope they spend much more time in polishing. The combat of melee classes felt old, but the Mage class felt really strange. The visuals are nice and the ability to play in first person mode is really cool for an MMORPG. The mission flow is pretty smooth too. The game is in beta so a lot of the glitches were understandable.

I got to end Day One with a presentation from CD Projekt RED and Witcher 3. It is not a secret I did not like Witcher 2. Most likely due to playing it on the Xbox 360, but I was not impressed by it at all. Witcher 3 though, looks really damn good. The combat look much more fluid and the seamless flow of magic and weapons was improved on a large scale. There is a rekindled focus on monster hunting and random encounters. You can track monsters that get away from you by using an ability that is a lot like he detective mode in the Batman Arkham games. The NPC interaction appears. Be more significant in terms of making what choices to make. I can say after that presentation I am a believer in the upcoming Witcher title. That concludes what I did on the first day of E3 and out of the games I saw and played, my most anticipated is Wolfenstein New Order and Witcher 3.

Game Info:

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze: Wii U 2014
Pikmin 3: Wii U 2014
Super Mario World: Wii U 2014
The Evil Within: PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One 2014
Wolfenstein The New Order: Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, PC 2013
Elder Scrolls Online: PC, Xbox One, PS4 2014
Witcher 3: PC, PS4 2014
Dark Souls 2: PS3, PC, Xbox 360 2014
Super Smash Bros: Wii U, 3DS 2014


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