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‘Face-melting graphics’ needed for next-gen gaming

April 14th, 2012 by bash Comments

Gamespot spoke to a leading games expert last week about next generation gaming.

Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski said he hopes to see a leap in visual fidelity to be a big part of next-gen systems.

“Face-melting graphics,” he said. “I really want our next-generation consoles to pass what I call the ‘Mom Test’. So that if you were to show this console and games to your mom, she would be like, ‘Wow, that clearly looks better than your last console’. And it’s an essential step that needs to be taken by both Sony and Microsoft.”

Bleszinski also expressed his admiration for motion controls and reiterated a rumor that a future-generation Xbox could sport a built-in Kinect.

“The other things I want to see are gesture-based controls,” he coninued. “I think Kinect is quite cool, and I’m a big fan of using Kinect to control movies with Netflix. Maybe it will be built in [to a future generation Xbox], maybe it won’t. We’ll have to see what actually comes out of that.”

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