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Fancy some cracking DC Universe play theme sets?

May 16th, 2012 by bash Comments

LEGO has partnered up with DC entertainment to bring a new collection which introduces characters including Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman.

The LEGO® DC Universe Super Heroes play theme sets…

Catwoman Catcycle City Chase (6858) RRP £11.99

Feisty feline Catwoman is on the run on the back streets of Gotham City with a gigantic stolen diamond. Can our hero Batman fly as fast as her speedy motorbike to catch her and rescue the diamond? This fast paced set includes two Minifigures: Catwoman and Batman.

Superman™ vs. Power Armour Lex (6862) RRP £19.99

If there’s one thing that Superman can’t stand, it’s Kryptonite. So his arch enemy Lex Luther knows exactly how to try and break him down by constructing a Kryptonite powered robot. Includes a special comic and three Minifigures: Superman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor.

Batwing Battle Over Gotham City (6863) RRP £34.99

The Joker is hanging over Gotham City on a dare defying ladder getting ready to drop a toxic laughing gas bomb. Thankfully our caped crusader arrives in his super-fast Bat Wing. Can he flick missiles in time to send The Joker and his Henchman spinning off into the sunset? Set includes three Minifigures: Batman, The Joker and a henchman.

Batmobile and the Two-Face Chase (6864) RRP £49.99

A routine trip to the bank ends in a fast paced chase when he spots Two-Face and his evil henchman making off with an enormous safe. Can Batman put a stop to these money grabbing antics and put the safe back where it belongs? Set includes five Minifigures: Batman, Two-Face, 2 henchman and a guard.

The Batcave (6860) RRP £69.99

Our faithful heroes Batman and Robin have managed to capture the aptly-name villain Poison Ivy and they’re holding her at The Batcave. But wait! Who’s this?! Bane has just broken into The Batcave in his awesome spinning drill tank and is attempting to rescue her! Includes five Minifigures: Bruce Wayne, Batman, Robin, Poison Ivy and Bane.

The LEGO® DC Universe Super Heroes range also includes buildable figures. Each stand at over 18cm tall and can be combined together to create your ultimate hero or villain…

Build LEGO® Batman™ (4526) RRP £10.99 in a super new powered up suit! Complete with Bat-Sword and his own martial arts and detective skills to outsmart that Crown Prince of Crime, The Joker.

But is Batman’s super new powered up suit enough against the evil joker? The LEGO® Joker (4527) RRP £10.99 comes armed with venom, smoke bombs, laughing gas and stunning blasts to try and outsmart anyone who tries to do any good.

Luckily there is room for more than one hero! Galaxy defenders can relax when they let LEGO® Green Lantern (4528) RRP £10.99 work his magic, fighting all things evil and unjust. His powered up suit and awesome power ring give him special powers like flying, speaking alien languages and imagining objects in to reality to protect the galaxy.

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