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FILM REVIEW: FTN reviews The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Part 2

November 20th, 2012 by Owen Quinn 1 Comment


Ok gang, just let me make it clear I have never read the Twilight books so all I have to go on are the movies. I don’t care about the off screen relationship about the leads nor do I care if fans camp out overnight.

All I care about is about being entertained. The first movies failed to do that and it took me a while to figure out why. I realized that casting of Kristen Stewart was a mistake. There is no believability in her character and her performance was wooden. I, as a viewer, do not accept she meets an vampire and five minutes later wants to be sucked dry and abandon her parents, especially her dad who loves her dearly. It doesn’t ring true.

But there are saving graces. I like her dad Charlie Swan played by Billy Burke. He plays the part of the protective dad perfectly. And I have a confession to make.


Not because he has a better body than me, I am 107 after all but because the werewolves are the best part of the series. Unlike Vampire Diaries where all we get is ordinary wolves with glowing eyes and super speed, here we have werewolves on speed; great hulking monsters that can do serious damage. I like a monster of a wolf. Although I did hope for the weres from Dog Soldiers might make an appearance.

I also like the fact vampires sparkle like diamonds in the sun; it’s new and different and shows an attempt by the author to bring something new and I always applaud that. His family are a great bunch of characters and I particularly enjoyed their backstories. In Breaking Dawn part 1, something happened that took me by surprise. I enjoyed it. Though to be fair once you get over the wedding and honeymoon, you have a very scary horror movie in the shape of a demon pregnancy. It also put Harry potter Deathly Hallows to shame by having a proper bone breaking cliffhanger where Bella turns into a vampire after dying in child birth. If all the movies had been like this it would have been a pleasure to watch them. I can understand those that dislike Twilight but I also hate the bandwagon jumpers that bitch just to be a sheep. Use your own minds kids and form your own opinions. So here we go, part 2, picking up where the cliffhanger left off. Does it continue the horrific momentum of the last movie or did it flop at the last hurdle?

Well, a bit of both. After a slow start the movie takes off and doesn’t give up. It is beautifully shot especially when Bella’s vampire senses come alive and she sees the world differently for the first time from the opening of a flower to the sound of a squirrel eating. The battle scene is nothing short of epic and when the twist in the movie came, the audience freaked. Apparently if you’ve read the books, you’ll know. I didn’t so I didn’t. But even the ones that have read the books gasped out loud at the shocking carnage of the battle. The effects are second to none except perhaps the CGI baby and child face which freaked me out more than it did when Tron Legacy used the same trick. Vampires and snow always make a good combination. The vampires and werewolves facing the Voltori on the snow covered battlefield are absolutely stunning. The blood red cloaks of the Voltori are vivid and these scenes are filled with images that stay in the mind.

There is so much to like with all the different types of vampires coming to join the battle and the way they use their powers. And I am delighted to say the Irish contingent didn’t let us down by fighting on the side of good to protect the child. But my final word has to go to Kristen Stewart who for once is completely right as Bella. She shines here and you believe her for once. And the plight of her dad is solved when Jacob strips for him in more ways than one in the funniest scene in the movie.

But when the dust is settled we are reminded that this is movie about a love story. No one complained when it was the Ponds but it didn’t cement for me until this, the final movie. As much as I disliked the previous ones, we couldn’t have the ending without them. So anyone that disses this movie because of its title, shut your face, pay your money, watch it then give your opinion. If it can change my mind and make an audience freak then it must be doing something right.

An epic all the way.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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