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Frisky Business by Dublin-based author Clodagh Murphy

May 23rd, 2012 by Jay Comments

© 2012 Hachette Ireland
ISBN: 9781444726237
Author: Clodagh Murphy

Romy Fitzgerald always planned to go the conventional route: boyfriend, marriage, children. Motherhood via cupboard sex at a costume party with a stranger dressed as Darth Vader didn’t feature on her to-do list.

But when she gives birth to her son Luke nine months later, he turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to her. As Luke gets older, however, Romy knows that at some point she’s going to have to tell him about his father. Trouble is, she never found out ‘Darth’s’ real name.

But when an old flame arrives back in her life, the plot thickens.

Kit Masterson was always ‘the one who got away’ and now he’s back from New York and seems intent on playing happy families with Romy and Luke. But Kit has his own secrets to hide . . .

As Romy begins to wonder if she’ll ever find her mystery man from the party, she learns that in real life secrets rarely stay hidden, especially when it comes to love.

But will Romy find her dark knight or will she be left to raise Luke (Han) solo?


Ok, full disclaimer here – I may have a passing aquaintance with the author (from a truly wonderful Irish writerly types group of people)  and Frisky Business may not be regular fare for Following the Nerd but as it is from a local author, who has a reputation for producing cracking, entertaining, madcap and enjoyable stories, AND the book features a main character who conceived her child ‘Luke’ after a one-night stand with Darth Vader (ok, probably not THE Darth Vader but as it is a mystery we can’t discount the possibility that it could BE him!) we have to assume that Clodagh is a Star Wars fan and, therefore, is a nerd.

Bottom line – go read her book!


About the author:

Clodagh Murphy is a Dublin-based author of romantic comedy novels

She lived in London for about half of her twenties before returning to Dublin, where she currently lives. At school she enjoyed daydreaming and hoped one day she could make a living at it. When not dreaming up stories, she enjoys travelling, food, drinking red wine, watching TV, reading, movies (especially romantic comedies), hanging out with family and friends, and faffing about on the internet.

Her first book, The Disengagement Ring was published by Hachette Books Ireland in 2009, her second, Girl in a Spin, by Hachette Books Ireland in 2010 and her third, Frisky Business by Hachette Books Ireland in 2012.

Visit her website at

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