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From Belfast to California: the future of TV

June 13th, 2012 by bash Comments

Participants at this year’s TV of Tomorrow Show in San Francisco will have an opportunity to experience Sensum, the emotional response digital platform designed in Belfast, Northern Ireland, as part of an international event exploring the latest developments in interactive TV worldwide.

The TV of Tomorrow Show has been widely praised as an expert’s conference that attracts a “who’s who” of the interactive TV industry worldwide.

“After launching Sensum alongside the Tribeca Film Festival in New York last April, an invitation to come over from Belfast to speak at the biggest event for interactive TV in the USA is an offer that we could not turn down,” said Gawain Morrison, Filmtrip’s CEO and guest speaker at this year’s event.

The event brings together TV operators, device manufacturers and technologists engaging in an interactive exchange with brands, broadcasters, entrepreneurs, producers, developers, designers, social media companies and the wider public.

“Filmtrip will present as part of a panel of experts showcasing some of the newest and most exciting developments in user interfaces for television and other connected devices. Platforms on display will

include gesture and voice-controlled devices, as well as a mobile sensor technologies for emotional recognition applicable to TV such as Sensum,” added Morrison.

The panel will also explore how these “natural user interfaces” are being used to enable new forms of advertising and programming, and to facilitate content discovery and cross-platform entertainment experiences.

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