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FTN Blog Ep2 Avengers, Avengers, Avengers, Avengers!

May 29th, 2012 by Paddy Comments

Those costume clad Marvel superheroes are everywhere right now, and who could begrudge its success? It might not be perfect, but for most of its running time, JossWhedon’s film is never less than entertaining.The fact that it’s become one of the select few films to gross over $1bn dollars at the box office tells you how it’s going down withaudiences across the world. Of course, box office success isn’t necessarily linked to quality,just look at the mystifying success of the Pirates Of The Carribbean sequels if you want proof of that.

Avengers Assemble, at the time of writing, is the fourth most successful film of all time and is almost certainly going to overtake Harry Potter And Exactly The Same Film As Last Time (or whatever it’s called) to take third place.
Then again, when you consider the turgid Alice In Wonderland also made over $1bn it does make you despair somewhat. What’s not in doubt though for once, is that Avengers Assemble is a lot of fun and it’s great to see Joss Whedon finally get the recognition his talent deserves. Now that’s he a major player, should we all start demanding a sequel to Serenity?
It wasn’t all good news this week for our heroes though. There were grim faces at Nerd Towers when news reached us that Jason Isaacs’ superb new series, Awake, had been cancelled after one season.
We were getting used to saying hello to Jason Isaacs every week and while we’re disappointed that the show’s been cancelled we’re looking forward to seeing where the great man turns up next.
We’ve also been spending a bit time on the old Xbox and Playstation, much to the delight of our long suffering wives.
This is down mostly to the release of games of two of our favourite franchises, The Walking Dead and Doctor Who, via downloadable content.
It has to be said that the ridiculously low price for The Walking Dead, £3.99, could perhaps be the best value in the history of great value.
It may only be the first chapter in the saga, but it’s an essential play for fans of the franchise who love their games.
The long awaited Doctor Who: The Infinity Clock finally came to Playstation Network last week and while it’s not quite in the same bracket, in terms of quality, as The Walking Dead, it’s still got a
lot going on, especially for Whovians out there.
One of our favourite comic books, Clint, underwent a makeover last week with the result being Clint 2:1. Mark Millar’s baby is looking better than ever and is chock full of cracking strips not least
Millar’s own, long awaited, collaboration with Watchmen legend, Dave Gibbons on The Secret Service.
Check it out if you haven’t already, but then if you haven’t you’re probably reading the wrong website.
It’s rare to see original comic books sitting on the shelves on this end of the world, especially if it’s anywhere but a comic book store, so this is something that we really need to get behind, because the more successful Clint is, the more doors will open for other home grown comic book artists and writers out there.

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