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FTN Blog 2012 Ep6

March 4th, 2012 by bash Comments

I’m gonna have a little rant this week. I know, I know. I’m usually full of joy and happiness. But not this week folks.
Why? I’ll god damn tell you why….because the suits at SyFy UK have messed up my viewing schedule.
How did they do that Bash, I hear you ask?
Well, since last year they had been running Smallville from the very first pilot episode, every weekday night, up until Christmas.
They then decided to take a break at the end of November which finished at season 6 and repeated that same season during December.
Fair enough I hear you say.
Come January with my excitement levels at an all time high they started season 7 as promised. Great. Wonderful. Life was just as I wanted it. Then they hit me with another festive repeat scenario.
When season 7 ended last week I thought we’d head straight into season 8. But nooooooo, they didn’t do that.
What did they do Bash, I hear you ask again?
I’ll tell you what they god damn did. They started repeating seaon….wait for it…..ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What!!!???? Yeah, I know.
Now before anyone says to me that perhaps they don’t have the rights for the later seasons yet, or why haven’t you contacted them Bash, I’ll tell you.
Simply put, I have googled the reasoning behind this and annoyed Smalville fans have beat me to it. What did they find?
I’ll tell you what they god damn found. They found a wall or, as some would put it, solitude of silence.
When season 7 ended SyFy didn’t even say on the voiceover that season 8 would be coming anytime soon. So what am I supposed to do? Pay £30 plus for the remaining three seasons?
NO I WILL NOT (well not yet). I’m not going to tell you what I plan to do but it could involve me shaving my head and launching a nuclear missile at SyFy UK headdquarters so that it sinks into the sea. Before that ofcourse (using plans written on the back of a chewing gum wrapper) I will purchase nearby land so that when the explosion goes off I will then own prime coastal acreage enabling me to sell it, make a profit, then go to ebay and purchase seasons 8, 9 and 10 second hand. So there.
Rant over.
Till next week superhero fans!


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