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FTN Mondays! The Gamer Blog with Ivor. Episode 1: Expect the unexpected

April 9th, 2012 by Marc Comments

Fantasy Flight Games have just announced something I had not expected at all.  Something to do with the Warhammer 40k universe that has piqued my interest.  Warhammer 40k Roleplaying has taken a new twist.
I have Dark Heresy, which I quite like, and have played Rogue Trader and Deathwatch.  I have not had a go at Dark Crusade yet, but hope to at some stage.  And now Fantasy Flight Games have announced a fifth roleplaying game based in the 40k Universe.
Only War (which, I have to say, I am slightly under-whelmed with as a name) gives players the chance to experience the 40k universe through the eyes of the Imperiums finest (apart from Space Marines, of course).  Yup, you get to be a Guardsman.  This has got my excitement juices going and my thoughts turn to phrases like ‘AWESOME SAUCE’. 🙂
Well, I enjoy a gritty feel every so often. 
To get down and dirty with a bit of tension or horror thrown in.  I just get the feeling this is going to fit the bill.  Remember, Guardsmen pretty much know bugger all about the universe so everything that 40k players on the table top know as rote is non existent to the Imperial Guard.  I already have a few possible scenarios running through my head like ‘Thunderhawk Down’, ‘Armageddon Now’ and ‘Full Metal Plasma’.  Are you getting where i am going yet? 🙂
It can really be run like Cthulhu in the 40k universe and I like that.  You are not a super human, you are a foot slogger trying your best to stay alive in a universe doing its damnedest to kill you in unimaginable ways.
The blurb from Fantasy Flight gives a nice precursor to what is coming.
As Imperial Guardsmen, your characters will be called upon to undertake dangerous missions deep behind enemy lines. Your squad might be ordered to infiltrate an enemy base to acquire vital logistical plans, or to quickly set up an ambush against an incoming xenos convoy. With missions as varied as the galaxy’s innumerable warfronts, you and your squadmates must often rely on nothing but your own grim determination and your faith in each other. Take the role of a Guardsman with one of twelve distinct Specialties, bringing unique skills to your squad to complement those of your comrades. Will you support your team as its Medic, rushing headfirst into fire to perform life-saving feats, or will you draw on the energies of the Warp as a fearsome Sanctioned Psyker? Perhaps you’ll protect your squad with suppressing fire as a brawny Heavy Gunner, or become the team’s Commissar and “motivate” them to greatness at the barrel of a bolter. Whatever your function, you’ll be an important part of the Imperium’s efforts to protect humanity. Bloodthirsty xenos and the foul spawn of Chaos are hardly the only threats to a soldier’s life, however. Throughout your adventures, you and your fellow Guardsmen will also contend with paralyzing bureaucratic apathy, a leadership that often views you as expendable, and the fickle political maneuvering of those far beyond your humble station. In spite of this, your squad must make the best of the situations you encounter, embodying the ideals of the Imperial Guard while punishing the enemies of the God-Emperor. A Guardsman must take the glorious fight to the enemies, and spread the Light of His Word to the darkest corners of the galaxy. In the face of overwhelming opposition, Guardsmen fight against mankind’s many enemies for the very survival of their species. It is the very immensity of this challenge, however, that strengthens a Guardsman’s sense of brotherhood and duty toward his squadmates. Though you are just a few among a faceless multitude of your brethren, chance or fate has singled you out for some special purpose. Prepare to join the greatest fighting force the galaxy has ever seen!
nly war is coming in third quarter 2012.

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